Our Services

Mechanical services

we also supply all the ship machinery such as all types of starting air compressors, pumps, firefighting systems, purifiers, generating sets, marine electronics, welding electrodes, etc. for tugs, ferries, fire boats, pilot boats, coast guard vessels, Nile cruise ships, yachts, and all merchant ships. Moreover, we can do the periodical maintenance for the main and auxiliary engines.

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Rotating Machinery

Air Compressors. Centrifugal pumps. Positive displacement pumps. Diesel engines.

Piping Valves

Valves (ball). Valves (gate, globe & check

Electrical Equipment

Cables accessories. Generators. Electric Motors


Bearing & seals. Spare parts for main propulsion system. Spare parts for auxiliary machinery and other equipment on board ship . Oil seals & gaskets.

Spare parts for heavy equipment.


As a distributor of (All Kinds of Oils – Greases - Spare Parts) we sell high quality products. Currently we have an excellent logistics structure, composed of huge warehouses with a total area of 425m2 and over 150 Ton storage capacity, served by our trucks for transfer the products within 3 working days.